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You can conjure good ideas
and turn them into stories,
beautifully true and
perfect scenes
each exquisite
truth's beauty.



Count your ideas.

  • INVENTORY, which, if it’s “take INVENTORY of your ideas,” it can allow you to categorize (tag) them. This is a movie; that is TV; that other that is a book. Each item requires certain tools.


Gather your implements.

  • TOOLS: I wanted to say “learn your tools,” but maybe it’s “take an inventory of your tools”? That fucks with “INVENTORY.” So perhaps it’s “learn the limits of your tools,” or “pick the right tools for the job.” (I like how the last casts INVENTORY [arrow drawn back up to that.)


Consider each piece in turn.

  • ELEMENTS: this is probably the wrong word for it. But if it’s something like “develop your elements,” it means “take the appropriate tools for each inventory item and see how you’d use each, from beginning to end. You may find you need more tools.


Think about what it will take of you.

  • BALANCE: also a wrong word. But3 (ha), upon looking at what you’ll need to do what you want to do and determining an order of operations (like PEMDAS!) You may find a whole week of screen-staring utterly daunting. And why? [arrow drawn down to CALENDAR]


Set time aside.

  • CALENDAR: Because we (most of us, anyway) have the 40-hour workweek drilled into us so that breaking with that in service to your more salubrious rhythms feels sacrilegious. (Take Tuesdays off if Tuesdays suck for you.)

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