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The Outline Tool


  • Make it like you’re telling the story to someone, at the end. You tell the story and give everyone they need. It’s just not organized (or organized linearly, with stops to describe/explain to people who’s who and what’s what.)

  • Begin like a Russian doll

    • Every show has a pitch line.

    • Every episode in every show has a pitch line.

    • Every act in every episode in every show has a pitch line.

    • Every scene in every act in every episode in every show has a pitch line.

  • Pick out recurring words. They’ll be part of the sales pitch.

  • Pull out the characters mentioned within. Describe them.

    • When and where they first appear.

    • What they were doing before.

    • What they’ll do throughout.

    • How this fits with what they’re like.

    • How they change.

    • What they might do after (like the end of Animal House).

  • Organize it!

This would be where footnotes would go.

​Here is the problem:

[1] Wix doesn't support superscript or subscript. (See, therefore, the use of square brackets.)

[1a] The Wix dictionary doesn't recognize Wix as a word? I hated this but am back to respect over it.

[2] Anchors MIGHT work as a workaround, but in order to make that happen, this text box would have to operate independent of the other (main) text box.

[3] This is the test footnote to try out the idea hinted at in [2].

[4] The alternative (which I grant is a rip from NY Magazine but THAT is a rip from the annotated internet) would be hover boxes, which are ABSOLUTELY a rip from Wait But Why?

[5] Could I make legitimate footnotes? Yes. Is that the point? No.

[5a] I cannot place an anchor in the footer. Puta madre, as they say.

Footnote [3]
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