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Do you have a name? I mean, don't you?

Sure I do. But if you don't need it, I don't need to give it to you. [See the Contact page for more on this.]

Isn't this a little complicated for a personal website?

Isn't This Is A Little Complicated

This is more than a personal website. And I contain multitudes. [See ARCS for more on exploring and developing ideas.]

What's with the profanity?

What's With The Profanity

Sometimes a well-placed four-letter word can drive a point home, and such should be the whole point of work. I want to live in a world where work is strong, purposeful, and ebullient, and swearing is how I practice my fucking ebullience. 

(If you arrived from the in context link to A LUSH IN RIO, click here to head back.)

How can I contact you?

How Can I Contact You

Please fill out this form. I'll receive an email. If I'm interested and you check out, I'll be in touch.

Why can't I just email / call / tweet / IM / ping you?

Why Can't I Just Email

I'm pretty busy, and the internet is a cesspool. Social media presences are targeted to bring an audience to me, not to wade into the flotsam of unspecific/contradictory interests. In short, I'm only after serious inquiries for my assistance; if you want it, you'll try.

What about LinkedIn? Shouldn't I be able to vet you?

What About LinkedIn

Fuckin' please, with that LinkedIn bullshit. Come on, now. If this isn't enough of a calling card, what's a running joke of a social media site going to do for you? (Honestly, if this is a deal breaker, please do us both a favor and forget you ever came here.)

Seriously? What makes you so special? (And why so hostile?)

What Makes You So Special

I reject the premise: I'm not special. But go ask all those other people with open-door policies. They're clearly interested in having their inboxes spammed, and making judgment calls based on criteria they feel compelled to keep private. I'm trying to do something else here. (As for the hostility, you're underestimating my disdain for fake gatekeepers like LinkedIn. Respect the bit.)

Why show holding spaces for projects locked to the public?

Why Show Holding Spaces

This answer has three equally important parts:

  • my project partners need a place to quickly access certain design concepts and white papers; this method works best for us.

  • the work on these projects is integrated into this larger value system, and its presentation is an appropriate reminder of their individual importance as projects which satisfy my creativity and professional effort.

    • hence I'm not sacrificing my story in order to avoid an impression that I'm playing coy.​ 

  • creating a space for them now means I don't have to do so later.​​

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