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Soliciting input from strangers online is fraught with discomfort for both/all parties.

I hope to minimize that discomfort by using it, in order to reinforce the core values which guide my work: learning; clarity; consistently productive conversation.


That's how we build trust.

The process as detailed is meant to build trust through clarity. It should take under four minutes to read, and there will be further instructions and footnotes available to guide you, should you wish to go deeper. (Absolutely steal this if you like it.)


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Preferred Referral Methods

(1) Direct Referral: You and I share an acquaintance. After reading this, you've asked them for an introduction, or they've offered to you that we might do business. Some call this basic networking. Just fine with me; spread my name around that way. If we've worked well together, I trust you to spread well.

(2) Referral, Once-removed: As above, but with an extra step. An example: you're a writer seeking an editor. Your friend mentions a friend of theirs whose manuscript was just acquired. You ask who they found to edit said manuscript, and they connect you with that novelist. Said novelist references me. I'm cool with that, too, as it reinforces direct referral.

(3) I Found You: I do trawl freelance sites for projects, in search of good people, thoughtful work, and payment for services rendered. If I've referenced this space to you, then welcome. Thank you for presenting a case for what you're doing, and being clear about what you need. May what you find here help you decide on how to proceed with your project.

(4) THIS FORM: I've tailored its questions to ward off its abuse and remain in line with this site's values. Not only will you not have to make more than basic choices at this stage, it borrows from the notions of referral and discovery I've already mentioned, and much prefer:

  • You've found me out of the blue (as I can find others on freelance sites) and don't know me from any Sam Doe;

  • You've considered what it is you're up to, and looked over this site, and you can imagine us doing business;

  • You've come to this page and are ready to share with me a little of what you're up to and how I might fit those plans...

  • ...And so you'll fill out the form below, along with some indication that you're up-and-about online, and not a bot or someone seeking to act maliciously...

    • This is a stand-in for the vouching process a referral offers; it is the barest minimum with the tools at our mutual disposal, and speaks to my belief that our world works best when its citizens maintain demonstrable engagement. 

  • ... And when I've confirmed your contact information, I'll reach out to you. We'll proceed from there as we're comfortable. and as our availability permits.

Another Acceptable Referral Method

Your Wallet: Feel absolutely free to skip the form in favor of sharing your thoughts with a critical thinker eager to listen, learn, and offer suggestions on possible paths forward for your project, employing the methods you see demonstrated across these various sites. Be advised: I'll be thinking on my feet.

Skipping to a call will cost one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00) for a sixty (60) minute consultation. How that works:

  • Transfer your consultation fee via Venmo. You can use the button below or search the app for "@omniality":


  • Read and complete the PDF agreement you receive at that email address, and follow its return instructions. Your Venmo payment will be accepted once receipt of the form is confirmed.

  • Make the appointment on time. (The agreement will make this abundantly clear.)

  • Talk to me/ask questions about your project. I'll share my thinking, and you may come away with something useful.

  • Go forth and be brilliant, with my best wishes.


What I Won't Entertain

Haggling over the cost of a consultation: The price is the price, and all of this—like most of life—is entirely voluntary.

Pitches that end with offers of equity shares for work, or other non-cash trade: Like being "paid in exposure," this notion has been thoroughly exposed as un-bankable. This site and its content, from concept through execution, is my exposure; I'm sure you'll find my rates eminently reasonable for the market.

Offers of a salaried position: No, thank you. Helping others this way grants me access to the kind of restorative challenges I never met while working for an organization with a singular mission. I'll consider a retainer for the right project⁠—if its scale or scope merits such an arrangement. But I'm not exclusive. 

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I employ a broadly-sliding scale, informed by our mutual need, mutual availability, and my assessment of the qualitative value of the experience.

(What are our resources, in money and time? And what can we learn by pursuing this?)


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Intake Form


I respect infinite diversity in infinite combinations, and I skip all honorifics. 

If ever required, any reference will be object-oriented, not subject-oriented.

Protected account? I'll request a follow first.

Should we agree to talk more, we'll arrange a method from that platform. If you submit a website, I will email you an extended form to fill out and return.

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Contact Footnotes


1. If you see what I did here, good. Nothing about this should suggest we can't have a little fun with it. Would you rather some flat, uninformative form? [go back]

2. The assumption here that your friend's friend Leslie shares my name with your friend Sam, who reports back to you. In this construction, your friend Sam receives only the benefit of doing something nice for you, so I would recommend doing something nice for Sam, within the parameters of your friendship. If you need inspiration, SECTION FIVE TWENTY-EIGHT! is here for you. [go back]

3. Also stated previously, but bears repeating plainly: I KNOW this is not like other contact forms, yet I don't see the drawbacks outweighing the potential benefits. If you appreciate this level of detail⁠—if it speaks to you⁠—then we will work well together. That appreciation should extend beyond respecting the approach I've used here, to understanding that such an approach is universal in its respect for varied audiences. If you've come to me for a slogan to slap on a bag of potato chips, this site and its content should assure you that I'll write you the best five-word slogan based not only on your parameters and a thorough review of the marketplace, but from an angle others may be too hidebound [read: chickenshit] to pursue. You'll be full and happy.  [go back]

4. I am well aware this may not jibe with some; I do apologize for the characterization if you're fully of the world, yet have chosen to limit your online exposure to access to an internet connection (for how else would you see this site?) and possibly an email address? Here I must belabor my point that this is how I like to operate; I'm seeking only those who can work with that method. We likely share a common trait in that we only have interest in making our work—not ourselves—the locus of our online presence, but I still believe the internet to be a force for the general good, and am devoting additional effort to be a part of it by using that discomfort to what (hopefully) will be my advantage. I hope someday we can work together through another means of referral. [go back]

5. It's your dime, but the more you need to explain to me while on the phone, the less time we'll have for discussion. I'm quite good, but I can't stop time. [go back]

6. As the agreement will also make clear, any harassment during the consultation call will cause me to terminate the call for cause. This does not include use of profanity, but DOES include arranging a call under false pretenses. [go back]

7. I do suppose you could pay for multiple calls. But as the agreement will also make abundantly clear, you're paying for a consultation. Any proposal you request will be informed by⁠—but not automatically reduced by—the cost of consultation. You can always turn it down. [go back]

8. This is a general assessment based on personal experience from the client-side: if you find yourself fixated on the cost of your project after reviewing this site, it is possible you are not as far along on it as you think. While we should harbor no illusions as to the inequities imposed upon creators, a good project WILL succeed IF those pursuing its completion are willing to employ their creativity BEYOND any usual limit, seeking efficiencies and adjusting scale without sacrifice of potential impact. In short: let's talk about it. Let's keep working. We'll find a way. [go back]

9. My apologies to anyone put out by this. But starting correspondence with "Dear Dr. Sam..." sounds silly. [go back]

10. The most common example experienced is in preparing a proposal to reflect "a first and last name connected to [any] payment," for purposes of reconciliation of said payment through bank records. In this instance, the name in use during regular work will be listed as a "dba" name; any reconciliation records kept on file list solely account numbers and/or usernames used with payment services [such as Venmo]. Clients are warmly encouraged to define an environment for them that most comfortably supports their consistent good work. [go back]

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