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You know you want them all out, speaking FOR you, not TO you. And you know HOW you would do that.

Why post this?

Isn't This Is A Little Complicated

This is more than a personal website. And I contain multitudes. [See ARCS for more on exploring and developing ideas.]

Couldn't you make money off this?

What's With The Profanity

Sometimes a well-placed four-letter word can drive a point home, and such should be the whole point of work. I want to live in a world where work is strong, purposeful, and ebullient, and swearing is how I practice my fucking ebullience. 

(If you arrived from the in context link to A LUSH IN RIO, click here to head back.)

What makes you qualified to declare this works?

How Can I Contact You

What if I disagree with one part of this, but not the others?

Why Can't I Just Email

What IS your philosophy? How does it find expression in other products of your work?

What About LinkedIn

How do I build my own tools?

What Makes You So Special
Why Show Holding Spaces
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