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  • What does success for Krycek look like, and how does Krycek end?

    • SHOULD Krycek end?

    • What would be the message we'd want to send if the org was time-limited?

      • Do we say ahead of time?

      • Do we say why?

      • Do we plan for the next thing?

        • What would the implications be for a 10-year plan?

  • What is the purpose of 5 different pre-launch scenarios?

    • Replication of the model

      • Potential for franchising

    • Demonstrating, perhaps, that the model may not only apply to words, but numbers

      • Can we demonstrate that financial work also benefits from a workshopping model?

        • Stating principles, and demonstrating the full cost of them, and showing how various paths are affected by choosing THIS path or THAT path

        • (more shades of gray allowable; back to the idea of probabilistic action within the concept of forecasting)

    • Practicing good management habits/How to:

      • Interview staff

      • Set expectations

      • Write job positions

      • Define success

      • Collaborate

      • Error-correct

      • Plan, with an eye toward responsibility for people's well-being



  • Review city vs. national vs. "partner city" approach

    • Decide on one, or which one goes first

    • ID how the pre-pro work may influence this decision

      • Like gateways: if we get this, then we try it THIS way. If we get THAT, we'll try it THAT way

    • Address any COVID-related potential effects here

  • Revise the marketing memo

    • The "writing workshop for technical/commercial" model

      • Perhaps orgs can donate the funds instead of paying for advertising (though perverse if not involving an institution

        • We could limit to NFPs/NGOs

        • Give everyone involved in the organization a say

          • Again, radical openness is key

    • Cheaper, non-teaching college rates for NGOs

      • "we give the teaching a shot" cheaper price point

      • Professional integration (higher price point)

      • Your own materials at a premium

        • Only accepted if meeting terms of service

      • Discuss the stickiness of native advertising: is this that but by different names?

      • Anything from the conversation with [redacted]



  • Is there room for workshopping cultural critique?

    • "Jimmy… are you grading this episode?" [You're The Worst]

    • A special project, perhaps

      • Focused on "what did you like that you haven't revisited, and what are your thoughts upon doing so?"

  • Revise moderators memo

    • This is still a big problem of scale

    • Can Krycek add people to union rolls?

      • Big-sky thinking here: what would it take?

But not too much of it.​

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